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the legend: V 200 Owner: Metronom, Uelzen Palatine Steamdays 2007

We poudly present our association

The study of railroading's many fascinating aspects is a hobby which can be enjoyed in uncounted ways.

We are an association with a tradition.
In 1959, more than fifty years ago, friends of the rail hobby founded the rail-enthusiast group „Eisenbahnfreunde Hannover“ (Railway friends of Hanover).

We are a society of 55 members who are interested in broadening their knowledge and enjoyment of railways by meeting other societies and individuals who share our passion.

Our members are of all ages and come from every walk of life. We are interested in all aspects of rail transportation.

In the spring and summer we go on study tours and visits to interesting railways and tramways at home and abroad.

Destinations of our now traditional international trips in recent years have been: Wales (2003), different regions of Switzerland (2002, 2005 and 2009), Sweden (2008), Austria (2007), Poland and the Czech Republic (2004 and 2007), The Isle of Man (2010), just to name a few.

No towering inferno 2005, near Chamonix, French Alps im Jubiläumsjahr 2009 im Jubiläumsjahr 2009
A tower on 4 wheels
Czech Republik 2004
"Tramway du Mont Blanc"
a train to nowhere
France 2005
idyllic Salzkammergut
near Gmunden, Austria 2007
nickname: date-box
Narrow gauge (891 mm) in Sweden 2008
Highlights of Our international trip 2010 have been the trams of the Tramway Village in Crich/England, the railways of the Isle of Man and the Welsh Highland and Ffestiniog Railways.
Tramway Village Crich Doppelstock Trams South African Garrett Steam Locomotive in Beddgelert (Welsh Highland Railway) Das Richtige für Bergstrecken... Manx Steam Railway ... und es gibt noch mehr Bahnen aus Victorianischer Zeit!

But the social aspect of the hobby is not neglected: A winter trip to a museum railway and a „good“ lunch is an essential part of our club activities as well.

We have a well equipped club-house with a conference room and a library which has more than 1000 books, videos and the latest technical and hobby magazines.

This really comes into it's own in the Winter when we can study and read and experts visit to lecture on the various aspects of track-bound transport systems, rail transportation equipment and the history of the railways and tramways.

We are not a model railway club, but 70% of our members are interested in model railways, too. So we have a close relationship with the neighbouring model railway club.

In the basement of our club-house there is a universal model test facility on which the members and their guests can run and test their model trains.

Six times a year, we report on club activities and events, and the traffic news in the Hanover region and beyond in our own club magazine „Freie Bahn“ (track clear).

If You have any questions please contact us by e-mail.

Board and members of the rail-enthusiast group „Eisenbahnfreunde Hannover e.V.“ (Railway friends of Hanover inc.).

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